On The Natural Rhythm Of Life

Dr. Martina Olbert
2 min readSep 8, 2021

Today, I had an interesting revelation. As always, it happened in nature. I went for a run in the park and as the sun was shining very strongly and leaves were falling to the ground I thought: “What an unbelievably hot day for September, nearly the end of the year!”

And then I thought, wait a minute. September, that’s seven. October, eight. November, nine. December, ten. Yet, September isn’t the seventh month of the year, it’s the ninth.

Which made me think: “That’s right because the new year actually starts in March and not in January.” Which then made me think: “Oh, that’s why new year’s resolutions don’t work!” We are trying to force mother nature into jumpstarting new growth and form new habits when it’s at the end of its cycle — when it’s sleeping and recuperating. And so are we because we are also nature. We go through the same cycle and the same rhythm as the vital ecosystem we live in.

No wonder that New Year’s Resolutions NEVER work!

So here’s a thought: If you want to form new habits and move in flow with mother nature, start at the actual beginning of the year which is March. This is when nature is waking up from its hibernation and will help you form new habits faster and endure the energy. This way, you are growing…



Dr. Martina Olbert

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