The Systemic Inhumanity Of Business

Dr. Martina Olbert
3 min readMay 11, 2021

Should we finally address the systemic inhumanity of business or will we continue to pretend it doesn’t exist?

The one that reduces the man to an object.

The one that reduces the man to a resource.

The one that reduces the man to a candidate.

The one that treats the man as a cog supposed to fit in a machine.

The one that doesn’t realize that without the man there is no machine.

When will we finally learn the truth and be brave enough to change and implement it?

To see that there are no candidates, no resources to manage, no criteria to fulfil, no cultures to fit, no expectations to meet?

We are the people.

If a business fails to generate value for us, how does it stay in business?

That’s right, it doesn’t.

In The Past, Business Was Driven By Humanity

Once upon a time, before corporations took over, business WAS human.

Naturally, as people created value.

Not a fragment of a value which has compartmentalized businesses into silos, fragmented value and…



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