Dr. Martina Olbert
3 min readDec 2, 2021


The question isn’t: Am I good enough for you? The question is: Are you good enough for me? When we shift the dynamic of our relationship with the world, everything will change back to where it should be. This is how we’ll create a world that is fit for purpose — for our purpose: The Human Purpose.

The problem with Capitalism is that it emasculated humans to think they are beneath it.

It puts people in a defensive position and makes them think they are not good enough and don’t have enough value in and of themselves unless they meet somebody else’s requirements and fit into somebody else’s criteria.

This has effectively externalized the human value to the outside realm of our human power so that we are continually living in a state where we don’t have the agency to affect our own lives, our own fate, and destiny. Forget about fulfilling our own dreams and aspirations.

Everywhere I go, the system asks a question: “Are you good enough for us? Do we want you to be a part of our institution/organization?”

When the real question is: “Are you good enough for me? Do I want you to be a part of my life? Do I want you to take up space in how I live? Are you adding value to my life? And what will you offer me that I want so that I WANT TO choose you?”

Our seeming inability to impact our own lives and change the course of our destiny is perpetuated by the (false) notion that we don’t have the power to decide. But in reality, we do. We’ve just delegated it to others to decide for us by not exercising this power that we all innately have because we were made to believe that we don’t have it.

So instead of falling for the illusion, let’s just all start asking questions that we want to have answered and start living from the place of human power and agency to live as sovereign adults. Because from the place of power and agency is how we reimagine and redesign the world to be fit for purpose — for our purpose: The Human Purpose.



Dr. Martina Olbert

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