The Nature Of Time, Value & Meaning: Is Universe The Biggest Storyteller?

Time Doesn’t Matter, Our Obsession With It Does

This is a timely reminder of the nature of time in our culture that is obsessed with it. But why are we so obsessed with something that does not exist? With a concept that is not real? If “there is no time”, then what are we really obsessed with? I believe we’re obsessed not with time, but with what it represents: with the meaning of time. But what is it?

Time vs Value

This is a valuable insight for a civilisation which has become accustomed to view time as finite and the #1 most valuable resource there is. It might not be. The most precious and valuable thing might actually be something completely different than we believe it is — a human potential, maybe? If you fulfil your potential throughout your lifetime, then what is time as a currency and why would it matter to you at all? It has no validity for a life well-lived. For a meaningful life.

Welcome to Platonia

In this Popular Science article, the British physicist Julian Barbour explains how the only objectively perceivable notion we have regarding time is the Series of ‘Nows’ in a continuum of all possible Nows happening all at once. Essentially, the integral principle of Oneness — the holistic all-encompassing unity of all ideas and matter. This continuum can be thought of as a landscape (which means that time — if there were any — would be spatial and not linear, so there is no past-present-future). He calls this landscape ‘Platonia’ which in itself is completely timeless and created by perfect mathematical rules.

Universe Could Be Driven By Meaning, If Not Time

This is very interesting especially as I believed until quite recently that space and time were distributed unevenly throughout different global markets, which are adhered to different social and cultural values, and therefore also develop unevenly through time.

The Abstraction of Time Helps Create Order in Our Society

After all, time is an abstraction created by the human mind yearning for order and classification in the world of chaos and complexity beyond simple perceptions.

So, in a world without time, what is the nature of value?

It's Meaning. It's our Conscious Attention and our Conscious Creation.

Founder & CEO Meaning.Global. Social scientist, writer, strategist and semiotician exploring the nature of consciousness, cognition, social and cultural change.

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