Overcoming Duality: The Illusion Of Separation Consciousness

Separation Is The Root Of All Evil

The separation consciousness between mind, body and soul, between the immaterial and physical, between the symbolic and tangible, between the seen and unseen is the root of all toxicity.

We are all One. There is no Separation. Separation is an illusion of the dualistic mind where Reason was cut off from Spirituality. As an effect, our innate powers were shunned into oblivion.

We were taught that we are machines and that’s it. Everything else was labelled as unreal, untrue and woo-woo so that the shame-fearing mind wouldn’t wander off course and explore our dormant superhuman abilities.

Unveiling The Truth of Who We Are

The truth is, we all are connected to something greater than ourselves. To the infinite potential of Universal Consciousness.

To reawaken our lost instincts, we need to come back to Unity. To understand that people, communities, workplaces and societies are living evolving organisms, not machines with parts.

Wrong Conceptualisation Of The World Makes Us Sick

This mechanistic view of the society and marketplace is driving us crazy — literally. It is making us sad, broke, broken, depleted, exhausted, innately unsatisfied, unfulfilled, depressed, obese, unhealthy, lonely and miserable.

The holy grail of our human existence isn’t a never-ending growth, performance and attaining social markers of success, it’s understanding how to retain balance, harmony and growth over time in symbiosis with our environments — both inner and outer — to express and maximize our innate human potential, well-being, wellness, health and happiness.

We Are In Desperate Need For A New Model Of Human Existence

Let’s create a new model, new conceptualisation, a new paradigm to understand the world, society, business, marketplace and our place in it where Humanity, Value and Meaning stand firmly at the core.

One where we put our own well-being as the ultimate success to achieve in society. One where value and adding meaning to people’s lives is at the core of every new business we create. One where ethical choices that don’t harm our bodies, minds, spirit, health, our environments and the planet are at the core of consumption. One where we respect ourselves again. One where we don’t extract and exploit, but harness and create. One where we love and not hate.

One where we are aware of ourselves and our own choices in a wider context. One where we no longer put wool over our eyes and stay alert to the ramifications of our own actions. One where we don’t deceive ourselves and others to gain a competitive advantage in the world. One where we don’t kill ourselves for fleeting things while harming the ones of actual value. One where we love and do not fear. One where we are authentic and fully alive.

I’d like that.

Would you?

The good news is: It’s fully attainable, but it starts with You.

With every single one of you. And with making different choices.

Starting Today.


Dr. Martina Olbertova is a social scientist, writer, strategist and a semiotician interested in the expansion of consciousness, cognition, social and cultural change. In her work, she focuses on how the shifts in society redefine the perception of meaning in our culture today. She is the Founder and CEO of Meaning.Global, a global strategic intelligence consultancy, helping brands and businesses create new meaning and real value, and the world’s leading expert on creating meaning and cultural relevance in business, branding and marketing.

Founder & CEO Meaning.Global. Social scientist, writer, strategist and semiotician exploring the nature of consciousness, cognition, social and cultural change.

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