Dr. Martina Olbert
3 min readMar 20, 2022

It’s official, spring is upon us. And with it, it’s time to reconsider how we go about things in our lives. A while ago, I wrote an article on Medium about why New Year’s resolutions don’t work. (You can read it here.) Simple reason? Because it’s not the beginning of the year. Today is.

When you work against nature and try to start a new routine when winter is at its toughest and when all living beings are in a deep state of preservation and introspection, it is a no-brainer why resolutions don’t work. You are pushing against an insurmountable amount of resistance.

No, it’s not you. It’s WHEN you’re setting your goals, not what goals you are setting. The sheer amount of willpower, perseverance and energy it takes to mobilize your strengths to form new habits in the middle of winter when nature is in hibernation means that you will burn out of motivation very quickly. It’s simply too hard. And if something is too hard, it is an indicator that we are doing the wrong thing and that there is a better way. As strong as you are, your willpower cannot compete with nature.

And so we don’t follow through on our wishes, dreams and promises. Then we beat ourselves up for the rest of the year, having a few false starts and then giving up altogether until the next January. In the meantime, we live lives that we don’t want to live.

Do you like to live this way? Why are we torturing ourselves like this? Imagine the unrealized human potential in all of us that wants to come out but can’t because we are starting when we should be licking our wounds, going through the process of self-reflection and using the time that we have to set new goals, simply to aim better. That’s it. That’s all we should be doing at the beginning of January. Until now.

Today on March 20th starts the actual beginning of the new astrological year: on nature’s clock, not the false one that society invented to be more efficient.

When you rise in energy with nature — because you realize that you are nature as a living being — the natural cycle will support you in following through and meeting your goals.

I already started a new fitness and nutrition routine a couple of weeks ago and the progress I was able to make in the last two weeks does not compare to anything else…

Dr. Martina Olbert

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