Founder & CEO Meaning.Global. Humanist, social scientist, thinker and consumer psychologist exploring meaning, consciousness, social progress & cultural change.


  • Ekamveer


  • s.n. florence

    s.n. florence


  • Ross Cauvel

    Ross Cauvel

    Advertising copywriter and photographer. Stories covering writing, creativity, career, environment, fitness, health, and humor.

  • Joe Musicco

    Joe Musicco

    Professor of Advertising | Former Creative Director & Copywriter | Brands | Creativity | Design Thinking |

  • doulos jose

    doulos jose

    Strategy | Marketing | Digital — cosultant for new businesses in eCommerce | B2B. Travel blogs @ Connect @

  • Jaims K.J.

    Jaims K.J.

  • Alyssa Francois

    Alyssa Francois

  • Nelly D. Rodriguez-Figueroa

    Nelly D. Rodriguez-Figueroa

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