Dr. Martina Olbert
2 min readNov 13, 2021

A lot of people are aspiring to do things, but are they creating real value?

A part of the problem is that people aren’t *really* doing what they say they’re doing.

They want to be *seen* as doing what they say they’re doing.

And that is a MAJOR difference.

The game isn’t about value creation; it is about appearances.

The appearance has become the value which is how the real value has disappeared.

And so we are constantly creating a false sense of progress.

By using the right words to label things that we want to do, but in reality, are not doing.

It’s all become one big language exercise. Words. Words. Words.

But identity without action is just a lie.

An illusion of progress is where real progress goes to die.

Because they look the same. And what’s worse, in all the complexity we live in, we can’t distinguish between them anymore.

All we can hope for is alignment.

Align your language with your actions and the value becomes REAL.

Then you can actually claim you do what you say you do.

Because you will. Then, it will be true.

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