The Gendered Perception Of Value

Men are seen as important and women as interesting. But why?

Dr. Martina Olbert
3 min readJul 24, 2021


When men have value they are seen as important.

When women have value they are seen as interesting.


Because interesting is a deviation from the norm.


Important versus Interesting

Importance is about where we place value.

Interestingness is about what catches our attention because it’s somehow different to what we’re used to.

Until we still believe that women don’t have the same merit and importance, we won’t progress.

We won’t create the value we would otherwise have if our beliefs of the world we live in weren’t distorted by illusions and disbelief.

Merit Has No Gender

There is nothing interesting about merit. It just is.

Its value is inherent, not perceptional.

It isn’t interesting. It has value because it adds value to other things and therefore makes everything else more valuable by its presence.

The Real Value Of An Idea Is In Using It

When you listen to the value someone is bringing, all forms of division cease to matter.

All that there is is the question: Is this useful? Is this valuable? And how can I use this idea to drive value and growth to what I’m doing?

Nothing else should matter. Identity is only useful insofar as it’s not stopping us from real progress. Men, women, and other social boxes…

Tribalism versus Real Social Progress

Tribalism and progress are often opposite in terms of their dynamics.

Tribalism conserves growth and celebrates division out of fear to protect itself. Progress shatters old boxes, boundaries and limitations and radically unites to give free space to new life, growth and what can be.

Forward, Or Backwards…



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