A Digital Homebound: Are space and time obsolete for the future of work?

The highlight of the pandemic world is that while working online, you can be anywhere you want.

Who would have thought that the future of being a digital nomad would be a digital homebound.

We have gone from free movement to no movement. Yet, the effect on our ability to do the work from anywhere and collaborate globally hasn’t changed. It’s literally the same.

How come that in the opposite set of circumstances we are still getting the same exact result?

What we are witnessing now in this change of circumstances is a powerful mindset shift which fully wipes out the distinction between space and time.

Neither our physical location nor the time zone poses any limitations to our ability to be creative, autonomous, independent, productive and collaborate with people around the world to create meaningful value for other people.

About time…

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Dr. Martina Olbertova is a social scientist, writer, strategist and a semiotician interested in the expansion of consciousness, cognition, social and cultural change. In her work, she focuses on how the shifts in society redefine the perception of meaning in our culture today. She is the Founder and CEO of Meaning.Global, a global strategic intelligence consultancy, helping brands and businesses create new meaning and real value, and the world’s leading expert on creating meaning and cultural relevance in business, branding and marketing.

Founder & CEO Meaning.Global. Social scientist, writer, strategist and semiotician exploring the nature of consciousness, cognition, social and cultural change.

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