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Founder & CEO Meaning.Global. Social scientist, speaker, writer, strategist exploring the nature of meaning-making, cognition, social progress & cultural change

On The Natural Rhythm Of Life


Today, I had an interesting revelation. As always, it happened in nature. I went for a run in the park and as the sun was shining very strongly and leaves were falling to the ground I thought: “What an unbelievably hot day for September, nearly the end of the year!”

Men are seen as important and women as interesting. But why?

When men have value they are seen as important.

When women have value they are seen as interesting.


Because interesting is a deviation from the norm.


Important versus Interesting

Importance is about where we place value.

Interestingness is about what catches our attention because it’s somehow different to what we’re used…

How our wrong thinking about Diversity is stopping us from making real social progress and what we can do to fix it and unleash the real creative power of diversity in business.

A lot has been said about Diversity and Inclusion and their role in business.

However, mostly when we hear about diversity, we hear about the need for a better and more effective social representation. But that is only the starting point for the debate about Diversity in business. …

Relevance isn't about you. It is about the value that you create.


We don't understand properly what relevance means in business today. Not understanding the true meaning of something hinders its potential for growth. This is why it’s important that we understand what things mean in and of themselves.


I am starting to feel like we don’t really understand the true meaning…

Beauty if captured right has the potential to transform our lives.

Beauty is seriously underestimated.

And when it comes to business, also seriously misunderstood.

It has been embraced almost solely as the form.

But the true power of beauty is in its essence.

Beauty is equally functional as it is aesthetic.

This comes to the forefront of the conversation on the…

Should we finally address the systemic inhumanity of business or will we continue to pretend it doesn’t exist?

The one that reduces the man to an object.

The one that reduces the man to a resource.

The one that reduces the man to a candidate.

The one that treats the…

Tech versus Humanity: Who will win?

Innovation is a very misunderstood subject in business still. With the boom and large-scale adoption of digital technology and all the possibilities it has to offer, it seems that businesses–and big players especially–have forgotten the very meaning of the word Innovation.

Innovation isn’t technology.

Innovation is in finding new ways…

Digital networks were supposed to bring global connectivity leading to the expansion of human consciousness. Instead, people have become enormously skilled at being totally irrelevant.

We can now do so many things online, yet rarely if ever people have something meaningful to say that makes a difference in other people’s…

What are we progressing towards if it's killing us?

Once upon a time, there was only one world — the natural world.

Then we’ve civilized our society and created another and completely different world — the simulated reality.

This is where we were proud of all our most recent inventions and gadgets such as brands, products, services, technology, the…

Older versus Younger generation and their understanding of reality

The biggest difference between the older and younger generation is in where the Ego is placed.

Is it on me in the world, or on the world as a possibility to become more of me?

The older generation: “I am, therefore it is.”

The material reality is the first point of reference. The symbolic (possibility, aether, invisible, unseen)…

Martina Olbert

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